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First of all, just to clear up a few things : Kundalini Awakening in my case was unintended hence without the help of any Guru or Yoga exercise. After this divine experience I do not consider myself a Guru, or healer, shaman, blogger or an author; I am just a simple seeker like everyone else on this planet. I am of the firm belief that if the Kundalini Awakening can happen in my case, then it can happen in every case as we all have the same energy within us. Like a famous Buddhis saying goes : "Look within, you are the Buddha". Since all my services are free hence my creation of this free group has certainly upset a few people, who commercialize their knowledge or experience of Kundalini Awakening or Meditation. If someone tells you that the Kundalini Awakening is dangerous so should not be awakened on your own then find out if that person is an author of a book or organizes paid sessions or any other commercial activities? Because only people with such an hidden agenda try to scare people in order to sell their book or trainings. Of course like anything else in life like driving a car needs certain knowledge or training, so Kundalini Awakening is no exception. So certain caution is required and there is ample free info on this, in this group discussions or on the YT or on the internet / google or if in doubt, you may post your questions and someone will certainly respond. Hence this group`s goal is to provide free knowledge about the Kundalini & Spiritual Awakening in general coz according to the ancient Indian spritual traditions, one can sell knowledge but not wisdom or divinity. Its understandable that one can sell Yoga or even Meditation as it involves certain effort, but Kundalini is an Awakening of the Divine in our own self & a gift of God. So at least it should not be saleable or monopoly of a certain person. This is the story that I posted on the day I created this group addressing all the members. I would encourage all members to share their Kundalini / Spiritual experience, to help others.

Namaste All, I am so glad that my "Spiritual / Kundalini Awakening" brought me in contact with you all so many people lovely souls with similar experience. On my mission to meet people with similar SA, the first blog to join was that of Dr. Lissa Rankin MD also top 10 NY best author, I thank my good Karmas for that. After my own depressions & sufferings, my research showed that there are thousands of people, becoming Spiritually Awakened and they need some guidance which is not "professional" and does not cost $. I am sure we as a Soul Family can learn, teach, guide & support each other much better than the so called "commercial healers". Following is a synopsis of my experience of "Spirtitual Awakening" which I wanted to share with you as a thanks to the Almighty for saving my life and making me devote my life to His service and that of His subjects. After this post I will post a few more articles on "Kundalini" with the hope that it will give some more insight into my experience and we would love to hear about your experience too.

On one sunny day, in Mid-May, 2012, while traveling with the train to my work, in Munich, Germany, early in the morning, I felt something "strange" as if the whole world around me was different, as if I was seeing it for the first time. I felt extremely relaxed, almost weightless and became very aware of people and things around me. And felt like hugging everyone. I thought it was due to the deep relaxing sleep that made me feel this way. But I was wrong. I did not pay any particular attention to it and as usual got busy with my work in the office, which is quite stressing.
Later in the evening, as a routine I started to ponder over all my problems I was going through at that time. However I felt like as if "Someone" was stopping me from to even "start" to think about my problems or anything negative. I did not pay any particular attention to it and decided to go to sleep. During the next few days, many "strange" things happened and on the basis of these sudden big changes, I realized, that I was not the same person any more. Or better said, either 2 different persons were living in my head or I was 1 person living now in 2 different worlds. In retro, I can sum up the following changes that took place, following that day in Mid-May, 2012:

ONLY POSITIVE THINKING : I was allowed to think only positively. As if this "Someone" was forcing and pushing me to be extremely hopeful for my future. As if all will be taken care of by this "Someone".
EXTREME SENSE OF GRATITUDE TOWARDS THE UNIVERSE, GOD : As the days passed, I felt extremely full of gratitude and thankful to the Almighty and had this urge to spend the rest of my life doing something useful in the service of Him or His people, like becoming a meditation teacher or a healer in order to help people relieve of their pain and sufferings and depressions.

NO MATERIALISTIC GOALS Money and materialism were useless now as the ambitions to reach the material goals simply vanished. And I did not feel about them, on the contrary, now many things in life started to make sense.

HERE AND NOW The past as if never existed and future did not worry me at all. The mind was unable to pay attention to either the past or future as if this " Someone" would not allow me to do the "thinking (worrying)" about these things any more now. All I could sense was the present, no more worries or insecurity.

LOGIC AND RATIONAL : Now many things which earlier did not make sense or were illogical or irrational, do make sense but what earlier made sense, does not make sense any more. The greatest saint of India Kabir, an extremely poor weaver, yet with the deepest of faith in God, is highly respected in India, though he is not as famous as Lord Ram, Krishna & Budha or Mira, for the sheer reason because unlike Kabir they were all born into the royal families, whereas Kabir proved to the world that poverty can be bliss if looked upon as a gift of the Almighty. In his divine experience, Kabir wrote, he saw "the water was on fire" & "Fishes climbing on the tree". Similar experience is expressed by Emily Dickinson in her poem, which proves that once one has found the Divine in one`s own self, one will see it in everything around even in the so-called dead matter as stones like the Hindus who worship statues, water(river Ganges), cows & snakes:

HOW happy is the little stone

HOW happy is the little stone
That rambles in the road alone,
And does n’t care about careers,
And exigencies never fears;
Whose coat of elemental brown
A passing universe put on;
And independent as the sun,
Associates or glows alone,
Fulfilling absolute decree
In casual simplicity.

Such things never made sense to me but they do now. In this new world of spiritualism, everything is possible as long as its His Wish and nothing can happen which He does not agree with. After going through all these experiences mentioned above, it took me a few weeks to realize that "something" bound to have happened in the night before that day in Mid-May, though I had no clue at all what it was. Otherwise how could this happen that I felt like "Amrit in the wonderland".

DEPRESSIONS : The healthy outlook towards life and fellow human-beings and hopefulness is all back in my life and gave me enough energy to cope with all my depressions. Along with it came the joy and love for existence and humanity and the creation and the Creator. I started noticing the colors and sense in things around and had deep compassion and love for creation and human beings and animals.

NO STRESS People in the office started noticing few strange things about me too. They found that I was extremely calm and peaceful, in such a profound way that it was quite noticeable and can be felt in the atmosphere. I felt that the workload did not create any stress for me anymore and I could handle twice or thrice more workload than before without getting tired at all.

NO PAIN Then at the 2nd root-canal session, I felt like trying it out without the jab and felt no pain at all.

MUSIC TASTE I love to watch standups, romantic movies and thrillers and listen to pop and rock and watch dance videos. These did not appeal anymore. Then I stumbled upon a few spiritual music videos on YouTube and they appealed to me immediately, especially CC White and the other Kirtan artists now became the most favorite singers of mine.

FRIENDS CIRCLE Earlier I had friends that were mostly from the IT field but now on the face-book or in the real life I have made so many friends who do meditation or are spiritually-inspired.

MEMORY DEGRADATION For last 7 years I have been noticing a gradual decline of memory. The first time when it happened, it scared me to death and gave me nightmares as I am into IT and have to continuously learn new programming terms and commands. At one point, it got so bad that I could hardly remember names of my co-workers. So I thought this was the end of not only my career but also my memory and my life. I did not know that this all was related to stress. Each time after intimacy with my girl-friend, I would sometime suddenly forget the day or the year, as if total blank. It would take me a few minutes to get back the memory but it was never again as normal as it used to be. So I started to do MBSR in a sort of my own version of meditation and mental exercises. It did help but not so much. However after the "Spiritual Awakening" my memory is got so much better as never before. I can now remember and learn new things at least twice or thrice better than before. And its only getting better.

PHYSICAL AILMENTS : I was quite alarmed about diabetes and blood-pressure, as many people in my family suffer from it. So now the numbness in the feet was gone too and blood-pressure surprised my doctor.
So why did this happen to me. No clear answer but the last 2 years have been full of traumas, crisis years. One disaster (loss of a dear one, financial losses, divorce, loss of a job) after another struck, causing a great deal of grief, gloom, depressions, high blood pressure, insomnia. But all this all is now history !!!

ALWAYS HAVING THIS SENSE OF GOING BACK TO EXPERIENCE THE KUNDALINI SHAKTI: This experience has been so precious & uniq that I always long & try to go back there, on daliy basis. Mostly in my deep meditation, I many times have managed to re-experience Kundalini Shankti and it rejuvenates and expands the consciousness. And when I come back I feel like that I have found answers to my questions each time as if there was a great Oxford library (Akasha records) at my disposal. I heard that millions have tried to reach similar state thru drugs which I discourage very much and I do not think that thru drugs one can even come near to such a wonderful divine experience. Drugs may create some delusions and ones mind may project lights, colors but not the actual state.
These are the videos that made me aware that I was hit by the "Kundalni Awakening" as everything happening in this video was also true in my case. Of course the Kundalini experience can differ from person to person. This video explains quite well that the SA happens to people who go through extreme sense of losses, bereavement, suffering in 70% of cases and thats true in my case too.

As the word about my SA spread in the office and friends, a few colleagues contacted me for advice in matters related to SA, meditation etc. I did my best to inform them as much as I could. I could notice that I could inspire and motivate people since I was speaking from my personal experience. Then one day our the most Senior IT Engineer in the company, came to visit me. He narrated his story to me where in an extreme situation of physical pain, he experienced something similar to Kundalini. He downplayed his experience and acted quite grounded and down to earth. He in fact warned me and sent me this link. So I realized that Kundalini experience can be different from person to person, depending on their cultural background, beliefs. Some people stay grounded, become cautious and others like me had no option than to just flow with it, as it all happened in my sleep.

I will be posting more on Kundalini in the next posts as according to few Gurus in India, at least minimum 80.000 people worldwide will experience Kundalini power this year. In my opinion the number may be 10x times higher. Many more miracles happened which simply blew my mind and continue to happen in the just last 6 months. Those are too personal so won`t be able to share them here but may do some day in future. Om Shanti to all. Love Light Blessings Healing to all.

How a penniless, uneducated clerk in a remote village in india, one day suddenly started speaking & writing in 9 foreign languages incl German, after his Kundalini Awakening. In this interview, Gene Kiefer, US publisher, talks about how this man appeared in his dreams & in the dream of a german dancer, Sylvia Hellmann in Canada, who then travelled india to meet him personally. Author of bool "biological basis of religion and genius". How a penniless, uneducated clerk in a remote village in india, one day suddenly started speaking & writing in 9 foreign languages incl German.Though never read or heard any of them & never had mony to buy any books. The greatest german nuclear scientist, carl friedrich van weizsacker, was deeply influenced by his works & wrote intros to his books. He later schocked the world by writing 25 books on complex issues like evolution & physics & 100s of articles on highly scientific & complex subject. All this after his kundalini awakening in 1970s. later was invited by to the UN.


2500 BC, a 32 years old Hindu, prince left all the luxury of his palace in search of Truth, and was shocked to find out that the Vedas, the holy books of Hindus, were written by priests called Brahmins (Popes), the highest of caste, in the most complicated language of the world called Sanskrit (18000 rules) and was banned for studies for the lower castes. In other words a monopoly of the highest caste like ever wondered why almost all the british Prime Ministers hail from one single college called Eton (because they keep & share the knowledge among themselves like a closed club). So the prince realized that the language is the single most important tool for such a monopolization so he went ahead to write a new simplified version of the Sanskrit Language called Pali with 1/10 of the rules. Then he simplified the core knowledge of the Vedas into a book called Dhammapada and protested (like Martin Luther) against the Brahmins for keeping the masses from reaching the Truth or God and declared that if God is the creator then all of its creation must be a part of God.

This prince name was Gautam (gau = cow + tam = self or one whose nature is docile [cow-like] who when enlightened at the age of 52 was given the title Buddha (Sanskrit budh=wisdom, Pali Awakened One, Hindi old wise man). Buddha`s protest flood opened gates and gave birth to thousands of reformists like Guru Nanak, Kabir, Tukaram, Namdev, Jnaneshwar, Eknath, Samartha Ramdas, Vivekananda, Tagore, Sai Baba, Ramana Maharshi, Aurobindo Dayanandai, Prabhupada (Hare Krishna movement); Sivananda, Yogananda and Gandhi Osho, Krishnamurthy. And hardly anyone of them is a Brahmin hence even foreign Gurus like RamDas (aka Richard Alpert), BhagwanDas, Mooji not being even Hindus, are accepted by the Hindus as a Gurus, thanks to the reformism introduced by Buddha that knowledge of Truth, Spiritual or Kundalini Awakening, are gifts of God and hence is the birth-right of every human being and must be available to all and not just a certain group, caste, race or even religion. Keeping the knowledge into the hands of the few actually had the negative effects that Hinduism stayed only within the walls of India, just one single country whereas Buddhism spread to more than 50 countries.

All thanks to the universal availability and demonopolization that flood-opened the gates to the non-Hindus where millions of people in all the countries along the Silk road, from Arabia to China, Japan, with more than a billion people converted to Buddhism. In US around 35 Millions are practising Buddhism. Buddha declared there exists no God and if He at all exists, then its not the monopoly of the priests to reach Him as we all possess Soul (Atman) therefore are fully capable of reaching the "Paramatman (the Highest Soul)" thru meditation or "Dhayana" (Sanskrit), called "Chan" (Chinese) and "ZEN" (Japanese). Then came the American version of "Dhyana" called MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) which is "meditation minus the spiritual aspect of it as it may offend the Americans" thru Prof. Jon Kabat-Zinn, who went to India to meet Tibetan Buddhists, on his mission to find ways for stress reduction and attaining happiness, and made a remarkable discovery that the MRI scan of a normal person and that of a Yogi differed very much, not that a Yogi`s brain was bigger but more networked, more connected and that lead to the term NeuralPlasticity or the fact that our brain is capable of learning even at the advance age of 100 years in contrast to the earlier belief that our mind ages as we grow older. In fact it proved the opposite and so far scientists have not found any medicine except meditation as best means for NeuralPlasticity.

Buddha was probably the biggest scientist ever (Einstein) who came to the discovery that our mind is NOT just the brain. Mind (intellect, soul) is without a beginning and an end. Because what we perceive as reality or the world, is just one of the many functions of the mind and despite our achievement in technology and science, we discovered that we humans never utilize full potentials (just 10-20%) of our minds. And Buddha`s teachings are focused on the mind and he reiterated that to become happy, peaceful, capable of better dealing with our problems, stresses and depressions sicknesses and ailments, one needs to understand the true nature of our own mind as mind is the greatest healers. And discovered that the best tool to understand our minds is meditation and all types of meditations had their roots in 5000 years old Yoga. He saw how Yogis would meditate for weeks, without food & water to reconnect their soul to the "Paramatma (Source)" thus attain the true happiness or blissful state of mind called "Ananda" as opposed to "Sukha" or momentary hapiness, known to us as ordinary joys. But he chose the Middle Path (Tao or Balance) where one does not need to inflict so much pains on the body. Therefore even a common person like teachers, house wives can do this at home &reach the Truth themselves without any mediators or Guru. TRANSFORM YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR BRAIN :

Achtsamkeitsmeditation ("Mindfulness") und Transzendentale Meditation

Om Shanti. Share Love Light & Blessings with all !


The most elevating and quite enjoyable experience right after the SA on June 17, 2013, was that in my deep meditation I started to float. The first 2 times I did not really pay attention and thought that it was just my imagination or heartfelt desire playing up with me. Moreover the first time it was merely a jumping and hopping at some unknown place outside the town on the main road with cars driving by, in England. I started to take jumps and hops of upto 2-3 meters. The 2nd time it was more or less the same experience except that the whole thing happened in a field. However the 3rd time on the 19th June, my first ever experience of floating which was the most intensive and effective. This time again I was in a field but then started to float at the height of 10 meters and then reached the village downtown where people were sitting outside in cafes or terraces. And I could see them from the top and started floating around between the roofs. It was as if the gravity stopped affecting me and I had become weightless. This experience was so real & “LIVE” and convincing that on waking up I actually thought I would fly down to the office today. It took me few minutes in the waking states to actually realize that it was a mere “dream”. Unfortunately, in the last 9 months, I tried many times again in vain. Never happened again. Paul McCartney talks about a similar experience with David Lynch here. BTW the Beatles wrote their best songs, in all 70 song in the album called the White Album, during their 4 weeks retreat in Rishikesh, the holy city of India, at Maharishi`s Ashram, in 1968.

Yoga Nidra (Yoga Deep Sleep or Relaxation aka OBE/NDE) is the best methods of relaxation & sleep. Yoga Nidra is absolutely risk free. In YT, its descriptions says Yoga Nidra may induce an Out of Body or Near Death Experience (Its called death but actually means total relaxation, like "ShavaAsana" means Corpse posture in Yoga). So just watching the video & following the steps does no harm at all. NOTE OF CAUTION : OBE or NDE may involve some risks if done without proper guidance or help from an advanced trainer. I have done Yoga Nidra for 20 yrs now as part of meditation. OBE occurred 12 times only. So now I can induce OBE, but only in extreme pains / exhaution or insomnia, where even Yoga, Meditation, Acupressure etc do not help. I found OBE as a tool for healing the body each time. However sometimes inducing the OBE consciously, freaks me out and I get panicked that I won`t come back to my body but deep breath and saying to myself OM, listening to music to distract my mind, and saying to myself, "All will be OK", did help each time. Overall, OBE has been positive experience in my case. There are plenty of good vids in YT, you can try on your own. Erica, for our next Skype sessions, YogaNidra, will be the discussion-topic. For OBE there are a few additional steps that need to be first grasped which I will explain to Erica in private only as to test the willingness & agreement first coz. ONLY these advanced steps may involve few risks. This & other few videos will form part of Kundalini event.

Yoga Nidra

Are Out-of-Body Experiences Always Spiritual?

Out of Body Experiences: Are OBEs Real or Lucid Dreams?


Our minds processes ca. 70.000 thought a day meaning 1 second per thought & all the thoughts want our attention so that a day of 24 hours falls short to process all our thoughts. Imagine you being a teacher in a class of 70.000 children, creating so much noise and you wished you had a smaller class of 10 students so then you could teach (learn) things easier. These thoughts are like 70.000 ripples in a lake but when ripples are gone, you are capable of seeing what lies at the depth of your mind. Since this has been going on since our birth we never felt the need for any change. Because habitual thinking is extremely important. Imagine if today suddenly you were asked to drive or going down the stairs consciously. Its impossible. Why because its all programmed into our brains as automatic. The habitual thinking occurs when the brain becomes so accustomed to certain tasks that performing them becomes automatic, leaving us able to concentrate on more important things. Examples of beneficial habits include drivng, shopping, exercising, flossing teeth and taking vitamins every day.

What is autopilot? 

Problems arise when our brain slips into the automatic mode too often, leading to lost life experiences. Or when too many thoughts take up too much of our time and stress us out and we cannot sleep and go crazy because now these automatic thoughts do not stop. Your doctor may tell you the solution to get even more busier. But the solution lies in emptying out the mind of this noise or cutting down the number of thought to manageable size of 10 or less. In order to use your inner capacities for awareness & insight, it’s important to focus on “being” rather than “doing.” Living mindfully means letting your mind rest in each moment as it comes, watching your thoughts and reactions to all that life has to offer. Hence most of the time we live our lives on "autopilot" where our minds seem to have a will of their own. Thoughts come and go like clouds, and it seems as though we don’t have much say in what thoughts turn up in our head. If each of us were to stand back and observe our own mind, we would notice how easily our thoughts skip from one unfinished idea to the next, constantly interrupting each other and overlapping in a constant stream of pictures, ideas, memories and desires.

How to do meditation? I have personally noticed 2 prerequisites :
Regularly : Like the gym, a day`s working out does not bring any result. So meditation must be done daily to get any effects at all.
20 Minutes: Like jogging, meditation only works if done min 20 mins and max 30 mins. You can do it 2x a day if you wish. There are no restrictions with regards to time, but mostly it works the best in the morning & before going to bed.
Note down the time when you start eg write on a piece of paper or set an alarm for 20-30 mins.

1. Anchor point (like the start-line in Olympics) where you always come back and start again. Note down in your mind the day and time when you start. And even after the meditation when driving or shopping, just become aware that you did your meditation today. The more often you think about it, the more it will bring a few moments of awareness back to you.

2. No distinction All thought have to be treated the clouds....make no distinction either its a small, big, black or white clouds...the distinction brings mind to wander again as you will start analyzing them. And the nature of the clouds (thoughts) is that they always pass by. So watch and take not action and watch them pass by. And behind those thoughts or clouds is the blue sky or our true nature or the self, which is THE GOAL of all meditations. To see clearly the sky behind all the noises of the thoughts. This brings tremendous amount of relaxations even ecstasy and in some cases even miracles. So a thought of million dollars of worth and 1$ worth must be treated the same. Don`t confuse a thought of a million $ with the actual million $. Therefore you are at liberty of giving the same attention to thoughts regardless of how much they are worth. Simply treat them as : thoughts which will pass by.

4. Mind is a good servant but bad master : Mind is a dictator, we can see that he has a will of his own. He controls our thoughts and automates the processes and we are helpless and cannot stop our thoughts and bow to his will...but a very good servant. Lets say you start doing meditation at the age of 40, all these 40 years, who has been the master that dictated the choice of thoughts? Your mind like all dictators, when overthrown, will rebel & resist.

3. Mantra & Boredom Mind has 2 weaknesses : Repetition & Boredom (silence). Because meditation is the most boring thing in the world, as soon as you will start doing it, mind will start wandering or playing games to convince you not to waste your time in doing "nothing". So don`t argue with the mind simply watch his games to obstruct the meditation. When your mind finally says: "Meditation is the most boring thing in the world". thats the very moment you ve seen thru mind`s game. Mantra is simply 1-2 words eg OM or Hare Krishna and its repeated millions of times to calm down the Mind. You can also count prayer bead or count your heart beats or breaths, or repeat Mantra, or listen to a sound (make sure its not fast and it has limited repetition because you must count the times its repeated) the bottom line is that it must be something repetitive. And its done by all the millions of Yogis all over the world. Because its indeed the most boring action in the world so no wonder people (our minds) avoid it at any cost. But the power of energy lies in the emptiness, empty of its 70000 thoughts and then whatever comes to mind will be that YOU will decide, because you (self) have taken over the control now. The autopilot is deactivated so now the aeroplane is under the control of the pilot, and now you enjoy the freedom. Is this freedom really worth doing all this? Well ask the millions of Gurus, Yogis, meditators. Its the biggest freedom they ever enjoyed and its priceless. Further readings:

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Om Shanti. Love Light Blessings Healings to all.